Introducing… Chef Eliani Sales!


In just six months, Chef Eliani Sales has worked her way to the center of the Exchange Café kitchen.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of eating one of the Exchange’s flavorful, locally sourced meals could attest to the excellent cooking skills of Chef Sales and the cooking team. That makes it all the more surprising to find out that Chef Sales is self-taught!

A chef for twenty years now, Chef Sales did not undergo formal training, but began her cooking career at a café making bagels. She always had a “passion for food,” and she learned from the different chefs she worked with. After learning the foundations of the art of cooking, Chef Sales began experimenting with recipes and giving them her own intuitive twist. “I love what I do,” Chef Sales stated simply. She says the best part of her job is receiving positive feedback on her dishes, saying, “I love seeing the look on someone’s face when they’re really enjoying their meal.”

The Exchange is known among students for their commitment to using local food and flavor, and is one of the most popular dining locations on campus. “I’m Brazilian,” Chef Sales said, “so I love flavor!” When asked what advice she would offer to aspiring chefs, Sales mentioned that she works with budding chefs in her own kitchen, mentoring them in the same style that she learned to cook. “If you want to be a chef, I’d say the most important things are to focus, pay attention, get creative, and don’t be afraid of flavours!” Sales said. And of course, Sales added the key ingredient needed to become a chef: “Passion.”

By: Lauren Sutherland – January 27th, 2015

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